disabling ata devices

JM jmartin37 at speakeasy.net
Wed Jun 15 13:27:33 GMT 2005

Dmitry Mityugov wrote:

>On 6/15/05, JM wrote:
>>i'm not exactly sure how to accomplish this... i'm having problems with
>>my cd-rom, which isn't surprising since it's a slim-line without UDMA
>>and probably isn't supported... but... it's eating up time when i'm
>>booting the system.  i've erased the fstab lines for acd0 but it's still
>>probing the hardware when i boot the machine.  how do i completely
>>disable probing for this device at startup?  if possible i'd like to
>>just remove the device node altogether.  every time i remove /dev/acd0
>>it's just recreated each time i restart.  not sure how to permanently
>>remove it without physically removing it from the system.  is there
>>anyway to remove the node without removing the iso9660 entry from the
>Is it possible to disable it in BIOS?
i was thinking more along the lines of telling the loader not to probe 
for it...

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