Newbie - Configuration File Location?

Naomi Fernandez naomi.fernandez at
Wed Jun 15 12:26:43 GMT 2005


            I am currently running Gnome on FreeBSD 5.3 with great success.
I can access the Internet and am using a 1024 x 1280 screen resolution.

            I am trying to access either my xorg.conf or XF86Config file for
some general tweaking, e.g., adding to the fontpath, configuring for a wheel
mouse, etc.  The problem is that I cannot find either file.  According to
the FreeBSD Handbook, they should be in either /etc/X11 or /etc.  I have
both folders but the file is in neither.  As a matter of fact, my /etc/X11
folder is empty.

            As root, I ran “find / -name xorg.conf “ and nothing was found.
When I ran “find / -name XF86Config*” I came up with two files :
XF86Config.98 and in /usr/X11R6/lib/X11.  Which, if either, of
these two files is my “XF86Config” file that I modify to add fonts,
configure my mouse, etc.?

            I’m probably overlooking something pretty simple, but just can’t
figure it out.  Any advice, suggestions or comments would be greatly

Thank you in advance,

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