36.4GB drive formats out to 32.8GB? what am I missing please grep sectors /var/run/dmesg.boot

Chad Leigh -- Shire.Net LLC chad at shire.net
Tue Jun 14 20:08:21 GMT 2005

On Jun 14, 2005, at 11:51 AM, D. Goss wrote:

> On Jun 14, 2005, at 8:48 AM, Wojciech Puchar wrote:
>> think twice before making RAID-5 array. are you sure small writes  
>> will not be too common?
> No, you are on to something - I will be making small writes /  
> parity calculations.  This is going to be a web server but it is  
> for clients and they do have sites running with SQL backends and  
> not just static HTML content.
>> i think buying 4 80GB FAST IDE/SATA drives and arranging it as  
>> RAID-10 will give you 160GB of FAST and protected storage.  
>> performance gain using mirror+strip will likely offset this of  
>> using faster 15k rpm drives.
>> and it will be for sure cheaper. you may put 6 drives (RAID-10)  
>> and even larger drives and still have cheaper alternative and even  
>> faster. and MUCH more space.
> Sure, it will be cheaper.  For me it's too late, I've purchased the  
> 4 x SCSI 15k drives I need for this project.  I have bought mostly  
> unopened, in-box but secondhand IBM drives/sleds.  They are still  
> expensive but certainly not the (what I consider) insane prices for  
> the same drives IBM direct.  I'm paying around 1/3 of "list".

The SCSI disks will certainly last longer.   If you can do the RAID 1 
+0 with the SCSI you will probably be that much further ahead...


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