Very Dissapointed

Bart Silverstrim bsilver at
Tue Jun 14 18:13:48 GMT 2005

On Jun 14, 2005, at 10:21 AM, Lane wrote:

> Ok, Ok.
> I think everybody gets it, now.
> FreeBSD Yay!
> Microsoft Boo.
> FreeBSD users are the most helpful EVER, with never a bad word uttered.
> Microsoft users are bad people whose feet stink and they might not 
> love jesus.
> Now, please move on.

You forgot "Top posters, Boo!"

Where exactly was the reply inflammatory enough to warrant that reply?

> On Tuesday 14 June 2005 06:46, John McAree wrote:
>>> I just came in on the end of this, so I'm not sure what you've done.
>> But > you are correct that there aren't many guides for such a thing
>> that a
>>> beginner could follow.
>> hay guys i hear freebsd have this here 'handbook' type thing. Try 
>> reading
>> it.
>> I'd like to see Microsoft provide such a resource for Windows (at 
>> least,
>> one that doesn't treat the reader like an idiot).

Most of the MSDN/Technet?  While not in a "handy" format, it does have 
a lot of articles that I've found to be of use in 
troubleshooting/reconfiguring.  If you know specifically what you're 
looking for.

The FreeBSD handbook is a wonderful resource, but there are still times 
when I find the articles at FreeBSD Diary and some other *BSD sites to 
be more informative and up to date for a particular task.

>> If dk is such a computer expert (using PCs since the days of DOS 3.3?
>> Wow), he should be familiar with using things like command lines,
>> non-graphical installers, and the task of setting up your own disk
>> partitions. The handbook is an excellent resource, when I was a 
>> beginner
>> with FreeBSD I found it invaluable. I still refer to it regularly, 2-3
>> years later. All I can say is that this is the problem with the way
>> Windows does *everything* for the user (and usually not very 
>> well)...the
>> users lose the ability to think for themselves, or to even learn 
>> anything
>> about the PC they are using.

Um...isn't this what ALL users want from there computer, to have it do 
the thinking *FOR* them?  That's a trend not just in 
computing/technology, but for society in general, I've found.

It appears from my observation that kids in school (American, public 
school system) are now being actively trained not to think for 
themselves, period.  It's worse now that schools are accountable with 
No Child Left Behind...they're taught rote skills for passing exams set 
as standards so teachers teach to the tests so schools get a score that 
allows them to keep getting government money, even though the federal 
government hasn't come through with the funding they promised in order 
to have the schools use the programs to teach to the tests in the first 
place so it's driving schools further in debt and people are too 
{ignorant | lazy | naive | brainwashed | apathetic} to care about how 
their tax dollars are being wasted.  But that's a political argument 
that doesn't belong here...just venting :-)

Point is, people by their nature are lazy, they will do the laziest 
thing to achieve the result they want, and they don't want to know 
squat about how their computer works even if it hurts them in the long 
run (Where did you save the file?...Save it?...Yeah, where did you save 
it?...I don't know...)

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