Very Dissapointed

Lane lane at
Tue Jun 14 14:15:58 GMT 2005

Ok, Ok.

I think everybody gets it, now.

FreeBSD Yay!

Microsoft Boo.

FreeBSD users are the most helpful EVER, with never a bad word uttered.

Microsoft users are bad people whose feet stink and they might not love jesus.

Now, please move on.

On Tuesday 14 June 2005 06:46, John McAree wrote:
> > I just came in on the end of this, so I'm not sure what you've done.
> But > you are correct that there aren't many guides for such a thing
> that a
> > beginner could follow.
> hay guys i hear freebsd have this here 'handbook' type thing. Try reading
> it.
> I'd like to see Microsoft provide such a resource for Windows (at least,
> one that doesn't treat the reader like an idiot).
> If dk is such a computer expert (using PCs since the days of DOS 3.3?
> Wow), he should be familiar with using things like command lines,
> non-graphical installers, and the task of setting up your own disk
> partitions. The handbook is an excellent resource, when I was a beginner
> with FreeBSD I found it invaluable. I still refer to it regularly, 2-3
> years later. All I can say is that this is the problem with the way
> Windows does *everything* for the user (and usually not very well)...the
> users lose the ability to think for themselves, or to even learn anything
> about the PC they are using.
> 'dk', Jerry's right in that you made no effort to actually ask a question,
> you should be a bit more diplomatic in future. The FreeBSD community are
> (from my experience) a friendly and helpful bunch of people. As it
> happens, despite your attitude, you still got some advice. Perhaps you
> should think before you type next time.
> Regards,
> John.

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