NFS on 5.4

Frode Nordahl frode at
Tue Jun 14 14:10:03 GMT 2005

On 13. jun. 2005, at 10.29, Marko Čuk wrote:
> I have same hardware as before, when 5.3 was installed, except the  
> installation is new, 5.4. I have NFS mounted and some FTP app is  
> using it extensively and server crashes once / day.

How much memory do you have on the server? You may want to adjust  

I have it set to 419430400 (400MB) on my 2 and 4G RAM servers.

I have recently upgraded 5 NFS servers from 5.3-STABLE to 5.4-RELEASE- 
p2, and have had no ill effects so far.

I had frequent crashes on 5.2.x before setting kmem_size_max (it was  
a compile time option back then), so I have kept it that way since.

Frode Nordahl
frode at

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