Problem with unix file system

Jerry McAllister jerrymc at
Tue Jun 14 12:59:06 GMT 2005

> Hi, i have a problem with an erro of me : i have formated unfortunely my
> ufs partition of my server data, how is possible to unformat ufs file
> system, i've try easy recovry with raw mode but many files lost , please
> anybody can help me or my data as lost?

What do you mean by "format"?   Did you actually do a DOS format
command on it?   If so, you will not be able to get your files 
back - short of going to a very expensive recovery service that
tries to read erased data.

If you have done something else, then please be more specific on
what you did.   It may or may not be possible to recover your files
though, unfortunately, it is probably unlikely.


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