Starting MySQL at bootup

Tsampros Leonidas ltsampros at
Tue Jun 14 11:21:15 GMT 2005

Gerard Seibert wrote:
> This is probably a dumb question, but I will ask it anyway.
> I have 'mysql' installed. From what I have deduced from the 
> documentation, I should start it using 'mysqld_safe'. I am assuming that 
> I would use the syntax 'mysqld_safe &' to force the program into the 
> background upon starting. What I can not seem to figure out is how to 
> get the program to start automatically upon boot up.
Usually, when you install a service such mysql from the ports collection 
    all of it's files are installed with --prefix=/usr/local . That 
means that the usual startup scripts and configuration files are 
installed at /usr/local/etc . Taking a look at the file 
/usr/local/etc/rc.d/ , you'll see enough comments on how 
to configure your system , to start mysql automatically upon boot up.

# Add the following line to /etc/rc.conf to enable mysql:
# mysql_enable (bool):  Set to "NO" by default.
#                       Set it to "YES" to enable MySQL.
# mysql_limits (bool):  Set to "NO" by default.
#                       Set it to yes to run `limits -e -U mysql`
#                       just before mysql starts.
# mysql_dbdir (str):    Default to "/var/db/mysql"
#                       Base database directory.
# mysql_args (str):     Custom additional arguments to be passed
#                       to mysqld_safe (default empty).

This is the entries i have in my /etc/rc.conf file :

#mysql_args="--log=/var/log/mysql.log "

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