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 RE: install freebsd with usb keyboard: 

>Someone broke the silence:
>> Hi,
>> Thanks for the reply. But, as I said, the keyboard PS2 plugin of my
>> mobo is *physically* broken. So even with a usb->ps2 adapter, it
>> won't work. Any other suggestions?
>> cheers,
>> --ken
>I've seen some keyboards that supports use of serial ports (RS-232).

Sorry I thought you said the plug but you meant the receptacle/socket
Umph -- can you break off the broken plastic bits and get a soldering irion 
onto the connectors? If so you could solder some wires in place and make 
connections. that way - it should not be too difficult to do -- better than 
throwing the mobo away!!

I have even wired directly to the mobo before now (broken network 
connector!!!) That machine is now 4 years old and still working with a utp 
cable directly wired to the mobo!!!

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