install freebsd with usb keyboard

Kan Cai kan.cai at
Tue Jun 14 02:52:07 GMT 2005


Thanks for the reply. But, as I said, the keyboard PS2 plugin of my mobo is 
*physically* broken. So even with a usb->ps2 adapter, it won't work. Any 
other suggestions?


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> dialogue
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> install freebsd with usb keyboard:
> >Hi, there:
> >
> >I have been trying to install FreeBSD with a usb keyboard (I have
> >tried 3 keyboards so far), but no success. It seems that it can
> >recognize the device correctly (because it prints out the device names
> >precisely when bringing up the usbs), but it freezes right after the
> >sysinstall menu comes out. The ps2 plug is broken, so I dont have any
> >other choice.
> >
> >I have searched the google and mail list. One suggestion was to
> >change the BIOS setting WRT the legacy usb option. The other is to set
> >hint.atkbd.0.flags="0x1" while booting. But the problem is that the
> >keyboard doesn't work so that I cannot type anything or enter the
> >BIOS.
> >
> >Is there anything I can do except hammering my box?
> How about a usb to ps2 adapter for a couple of dollars from your favorite
> computer store?
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