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On Monday 13 June 2005 18:26,  the author Chris Hill contributed to the 
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 Re: Flash plugin: 

>On Mon, 13 Jun 2005, Ben Paley wrote:
>> First, sorry - I know there's a thread about this already, but I just
>> noticed I had "empty trash on exit" ticked in my mail client (doh!),
>> so I can't find it...
>You could always search the archives:
>...but I hear ya.
>> I've got a brand new (1 week and a bit) install of 5.4-RELEASE, and
>> I'm driving myself mad trying to get some flash content in some
>> browser or other... I've got opera 8, mozilla 1.7 and firefox 1.0.4,
>> and konqueror 3.4.0, and I would be _really_grateful for any help.
>I got this working for mozilla by installing two ports:
>Can't help you with opera or konqueror, but this should do it for
>mozilla; most likely firefox as well.
There seem to be lot mozilla/firefox choices in the ports tree.. which 
version(s) did you use and what version of freebsd are you running?
I am just recompiling firefox in the hope of getting flash working.
I am using /usr/ports/firefox but am now wondering if I should be compiling 

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