Card for Xorg dual-head Xinerama? (Matrox G450 problems)

Chris Shenton chris at
Mon Jun 13 21:18:01 GMT 2005

I'm running FreeBSD-5.4 from cvsup and having some Xorg problems with
Xinerama on my Matrox G450 dual-head card.

While Xinerama works fine for local X11 apps, an app started on a
remote machine displaying back to my box fills the fvwm frame with
nothing -- except whatever bitmap was already there.  Moving the
window moves the image of the bitmap around. Killing the app leaves
the fvwm frame; I have to "kill" the frame in fvwm to make it go away.
If I turn off Xinerama, everything works fine, but obviously I don't
have Xinerama.

Any suggestions for a good dual-head card which works well with Xorg
and Xinerama?  I've got two 21" CRTs so don't have DVI input.  I don't
game so I don't need that kind of speed.  I'd prefer something quiet,
that doesn't require a fan to prevent it from melting.  I'd like to
keep it inexpensive.


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