permission for starting a bsd server!!

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Mon Jun 13 20:31:37 GMT 2005

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>> dear sir/ma'am,
>> i have a high speed internet conn 512 now. it will be
>> 1 mbps in a week. i am attaching  my dmesg. i run a
>> few services as hobby. irc, ftp, shell, http and
>> radio.
>> irc://
>> shell
>> radio://
>> which i find i am wasting for nothing. so i would like
>> to have permission to start a mirror in india. i can
>> serve the fedora images as cdrom images and dvd
>> images. for my indian friends who are linux & *nix
>> enthusiast.
>You don't need permission from the list to set up a mirror; but a
>1Mbps line isn't enough to serve as a mirror for more than a few

You can certainly service as a mirror for more than a few people with
a 1MB line, and we should encourage people to do this.  You can't serve
as public mirror of course, but you should either contact an existing BSD
user group in your area or form one.  Setup a mailing list and anyone who
is using the same ISP as you can fetch the stuff from you.


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