Setting a simple firewall for PPPoE connection

Paul Dufresne dufresnep at
Mon Jun 13 16:14:11 GMT 2005

> Hopefully you'll find this link helpful:
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> Dmitry

yep, I did begin with that, but was not liking the fact that it was an
exclusive firewall (the end rule is to accept anything) rather than
an inclusive one.

I realized I could use "me" for my IP address (making it easy to write
rules even my ISP give me a dynamic IP address).

After reading it, looking at:
was not looking so strange anymore, and contain a good inclusive

I did modify it a bit, mostly to accept FTP connections.
I realize this make much less secure, but I really like to use
FTP links in my browser.

I'll attach it to my message, so that wiser one than me could warn
me if I made something stupid.

I use /etc/rc.local to load the rules with a script containing:
sh /etc/ipfw.rules

Thanks for your help!

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