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Juan Palacios job75214 at
Mon Jun 13 15:20:08 GMT 2005

Hello guys,

     Just wondering, my name is Juan, if this
operating system installs modem, video, and sound card
drivers automatically? Such as my 56k modem isa card,
ect. Which linux or unix free os is best for
installing drivers automatically, wheter they are
called drivers or not. I've heard of so many os'es
based on linux. Specially on EBAY. PROTOSOFT, UBISO,
DEBIAR, FREEBSD, and the list goes on and on. I just
need an os that i install and the drivers are up and
running. Specially the modem cards. Windows XP detects
all this automatically. Also is there a website where
u can get all the drivers for linux? Such as ? Other websites for linux
drivers? Or a website to compare linux oses. I just
wanna know which linux os installs the pci, isa cards
automatically like my sound, video, modem, ect. I
bought LINSPIRE and it installed everything except
modem, tried over 3 modems and NOTHING. Anyhow I hope
I can get help from u knowledgeable guys.


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