'Interrupt storm' results non-stopable noise

Anthony M. Agelastos iqgrande at gmail.com
Mon Jun 13 09:55:09 GMT 2005

Kostas Blekos wrote:

> Hi,
> In some cases, when two audio events coincide (usually in gaim),
>I get the following message:
>Interrupt storm detected on "irq9: pcm0 uhci2"; throttling interrupt source
>and then there is a continuous noise that I can not stop in anyway.
>Does anybody knows how to resolve this (*stop* the noise)?
>(please cc: me any replies)
Hello. I had a similar problem with interrupt storms when I was setting 
up my printer. The fix for this involved me modifying /boot/device.hints 
. To see what I did and if it can help you or not, please read the 
entire thread entitled
Very slow printing with stock FreeBSD5.3 + CUPS + Gimp-Print + HPDeskJet612C
from the archives shown
I hope this helps.


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