changing network card MAC address

David Kelly dkelly at
Sun Jun 12 23:45:14 GMT 2005

On Jun 12, 2005, at 5:26 PM, M. L. Dodson wrote:

> Just set up a new box (5.4-RELEASE) as a home gateway and had to
> change the network card MAC address that does DHCP through the
> cable modem.  I put the following in /etc/rc.early, but this seems
> inelegant and possibly deprecated.  What is the proper way to do
> this on a DHCP interface?
> ifconfig rl1 ether 'aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff'

Go look at ifscript_up() in /etc/network.subr. What you want to do is  
put the above line in /etc/start_if.rl1 (just rename it, I'm  
guessing) and it will magically be applied before DHCP gets to it.

If it wasn't for DHCP you could put it on the appropriate ifconfig  
line in /etc/rc.conf.

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