Problems with command line scratch files in zsh

Christopher Black cblack at
Sun Jun 12 20:42:28 GMT 2005

Why not just 'cat /etc/motd | wc' ?

On Sun, 2005-06-12 at 03:31 -0500, Mike Meyer wrote:
> Since going to 5.x with devfd, I've noticed that some of the shell
> constructs used by zsh (and other shells - I know zsh didn't invent
> this) quit working. To wit:
> guru% wc <(cat /etc/motd)
> wc: /dev/fd/11: open: No such file or directory
> The <(...) construct runs the pipe in (), and replaces the <(...) with
> the name of the /dev/fd/ entry for the output of that pipe. The file
> exists for the shell process doing all this. But when the comm process
> tries to open the file to read the data, the file doesn't exist. This
> is pretty nasty.
> Anyone got any suggestions on how to fix this? A bug report with a
> patch, maybe (I couldn't find any such bug report)? Workarounds? Maybe
> this should go to hackers at
> 	Thanks,
> 	<mike
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