36.4GB drive formats out to 32.8GB? what am I missing please

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at tensor.3miasto.net
Sun Jun 12 12:20:44 GMT 2005

> I have always seen drives format out at less but the thing that threw me was 
> that 36.4 was listed as "formatted capacity" - by IBM (not Seagate).  This 
> helps though.  Somehow this reminds me of the # of hotdogs in a pack vs. # of 
> buns.

todays drives are always factory formatted and it's always "formatted 
capacity". in microsoft world "formatting" and "making filesystem" is 
commonly referred as one job which is total nonsense.

>> 2) formatting itself takes some space for superblocks etc
> Figured, but not much, right?
>> 3) some psace is reserved (man newfs and tunefs for info)
> Read those man pages and that helped a lot.  I have read this before and it 
> wasn't retained.  8% is the kind of loss I was looking for.
> Thanks for all the quick answers.
> d.
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