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Charles Howse wrote:
| Hello, I'm new to the list.
| I've had a FreeBSD 4.8-RELEASE-p13 server running for a long time,  but
| now I've decided to install 4.11 on a new machine.
| The problem I'm having is that I have nfs shares configured,  showmount
| -e shows me the correct information, all the nfs services  are running,
| and I have network connectivity between my PowerMac and  the new FreeBSD
| machine, but I can't mount or connect to the shares.
| When I open a root terminal on my Mac and issue "mount_nfs moe:/usr/
| local/www /Volumes/Storage/TMP", I get "Permission Denied".
| On the FreeBSD machine, I see "NFS request from unprivileged port
| (".
| I've searched the list archives for "NFS request from unprivileged
| port" with no joy, and don't find anything else interesting on Google.
| Could someone please point me in the right direction to resolve this?
The Mac is trying the NFS request on a non priveleged port.  Try
setting setting nfs_reserve_port_only to NO in /etc/rc.conf

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