ssh delays 40 seconds (revisited)

Robert Marella rmarella at
Sat Jun 11 22:44:35 GMT 2005

luke wrote:
> also, you might want to look into the UseDNS option in the sshd_config
> file. this will cause the server to not perform dns lookups on
> connecting hosts.

Curious and more curious. I updated one of my systems to 5.4 p2 today 
and just for grins I changed the UseDNS option back to "yes". Then I 
restarted sshd and there was no delay.

I then changed the UseDNS option on all of the other boxes (5.4 REL) to 
yes and restarted sshd and they all work without delay.

So, I am back to where I was before I went to where I got. And 
everything works like it always did. Any idea why this happened to so 
many people last weekend. Or should we just smile and go about our merry 

Thanks to all who responded last weekend.


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