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> From achuprinin at Fri Jun 10 13:54:17 2005
> Date: Fri, 10 Jun 2005 08:46:39 +0400
> From: Alexey Chuprinin <achuprinin at>
> To: Denny White <dennyboy at>
> Subject: Re[2]: cvs question

> Hello,

> Thursday, June 9, 2005, 8:32:35 AM, you wrote:

> DW> Looks like I'm back to where I started when I first
> DW> did the cvsup www-cvsupfile & tried to install the
> DW> files. I followed what you said. I did the command
> DW> cvs -d /usr/local/ncvs co www & it did create the
> DW> dir www with all the files. When I did a make install,
> DW> from www, it failed really quickly. I didn't get the
> DW> error code, but something it was looking for wasn't
> DW> there, apparently. I figured for right now, I could
> DW> try just the english translation, so I cd to www/en
> DW> & did make install. This time , it made it further,
> DW> but still failed. I captured the output this time to
> DW> a file. Here's the tail end of it where it fails:

> DW> install -C   -o root -g www -m 664 x86-64.html 
> /root/public_html/data/platforms
> ===>> platforms/amd64
> DW> /usr/bin/sed -e 's/<!ENTITY date[ \t]*"$Free[B]SD. .* \(.* .*\) .* 
> .* 
> $">/<!ENTITY date "Last modified: \1">/'  motherboards.sgml | 
> /usr/bin/env SGML_CATALOG_FILES=  /usr/local/bin/sgmlnorm -d
> DW> -ifreebsd.urls.absolute -c /usr/local/share/sgml/html/catalog -D 
> /usr/www/en/platforms/amd64 > motherboards.html ||  (/bin/rm -f 
> motherboards.html && false)
> DW> *** Error code 1

> DW> Stop in /usr/www/en/platforms/amd64.
> DW> *** Error code 1

> DW> Stop in /usr/www/en/platforms.
> DW> *** Error code 1

> DW> Stop in /usr/www/en.

> DW> I haven't had any problems with cvsup on ports or docs,
> DW> but the www problem continues. Maybe at this point I'm
> DW> being anal/hard headed, whatever, but I'd really like
> DW> to find out why it won't install. Thanks for any help.

> Don't slander youself. I think 'hard-headed' person will never admit
> that he doesn't know something. You are trying to do something so you
> are self motivated person.

> As to the "www problem", I'll check it on my box and write you any
> suggestion if i'll be able to.

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> On Fri, 10 Jun 2005, Giorgos Keramidas wrote:

> On 2005-06-09 19:26, Denny White <dennyboy at> wrote:
>> On Fri, 10 Jun 2005, Giorgos Keramidas wrote:
>>> Is there any particular reason why you are trying to build the web
>>> site?
>>> More importantly, why do you have to build the web site as root?
>>> The files are installed in ${DESTDIR}, which defaults to the
>>> ${HOME}/public_html/ directory of the user running the build.
>>> % orion:/d/www/share/mk$ grep DESTDIR *
>>> %   ${HOME}/public_html
>>> %      ${DESTDIR}${WEBBASE}/${WEBDIR}
>>> %      ${DESTDIR}${WEBBASE}/${CGIDIR}
>>> % NOTE: webcheck's output always stored to ${DESTDIR}/webcheck directory.
>>> % orion:/d/www/share/mk$
>> Okay, I appreciate that. I'm not a gambler, but I would've given
>> odds it wasn't cvs's fault. :-)
> Right.  Sorry for not replying earlier, but I didn't quite understand what
> exactly you were trying to do and what the problem was.
> The /doc and /www areas of the FreeBSD CVS repository are a responsibility
> of the FreeBSD documentation guys.  In the future, it may be a good idea to
> ask questions about these specific parts of the CVS tree by posting to the
> <freebsd-doc at> mailing list :-)
>> I knew I wasn't understanding how to do it. I want it here local for me &
>> the others here.
> To have a complete /www mirror you need other stuff too and you may have
> to tweak a bit the build process to avoid redirecting everyone to the
> central every time they hit, for instance, a manpage link.
>> I didn't think about not having to be root to install it.  That helps a
>> lot, since there's a lot more room on /home. Also, I read somewhere that
>> I could create a group, ncvs, add a user to it, & then I guess I could do
>> like you said. I.E., logon as that user, have a directory below
>> /usr/local/ncvs, & do the make install in that directory, as there is
>> even more room on /usr.
> Adding an 'ncvs' user/group is only required if you like checking out of
> the repository without the -R flag of cvs(1).  Note, however, that it's
> not something mandatory.
> Redirecting the installed files somewhere where you have a lot of free disk
> space is ok and it doesn't require the 'ncvs' user or group.  Just set
> DESTDIR (and possibly other environment variables that affect
> to point to the right place:
> 	% cd /tmp
> 	% cvs -q co -P -l www	# Note -l here...
> 	% cvs -q up -Pd www/en www/share www/tools
> 	% cd www/en
> 	% make DESTDIR=/usr/web/freebsd all install
>> Correct me on that last assumption if I'm wrong.
>> If not, no need for reply.
>> I've bugged everyone enough already with this. :)
> Nah, no problem.  This is what the list is for, anyway.

Okay, I used the -R switch & pulled www into my home dir.
Then I read through the Makefile,v & saw it said:

don't build the non-english directories if the variable

I tried that. From within /home/mydir/www I did a
make -D ENGLISH_ONLY=YES install | tee -a output.txt
and it failed so fast, nothing was even captured to
the output file. I scrolled back & found:

"/home/dennyboy/www/en/../share/mk/", line 135:
/home/dennyboy/www/en/../../doc/share/mk/ not found.
Define $WITHOUT_DOC and $WEB_ONLY for performing a partial build
without the doc/ module.
*** Error code 1

So, it's not a major deal if I install all the translations
just to be able to have the english part. Plenty of space
on /home. Just seems illogical if there's a work-around,
which I'm sure, if I understood more about make, I could
probably do. If no one wants to fool with this anymore,
I understand. :) Earlier I tried hacking around on the
makefiles on $DESTDIR to no avail. Just wanted folks to
know I wasn't one of those who say "I can't fix it. Fix
it for me"! :) I've tried for 3 days now, whenever I've
had time.

Okay, started this post earlier. Since then, I pulled www
again into my home dir, read-only mode. Went in as root & did:

make -D WITHOUT_DOC -D WEB_ONLY DESTDIR=/home/dennyboy install

Shame, because that pretty much defeats a lot of the purpose
of doing it, that is, without a lot of the docs. Be that as
it may, it finally got put in to one degree or another. Two
of you have been trying to help me & I included what I hope
are the latest posts from both of you. Thanks so much for
the help & patience. I haven't totally given up on this. If
anyone has any more ideas, I'll be happy to try them. Maybe
I should've just gone ahead & went through all it takes to
make a mirror. :-)
Denny White

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