PCI Firewire cards that work with 5.4R ??

Bob Johnson bob89 at bobj.org
Sat Jun 11 02:11:07 GMT 2005

I need to find a PCI FireWire card that will work with FreeBSD 5.4-RELEASE.  
It will be easiest for me to purchase something from Best Buy, which pretty 
much limits me to either a Dynex DX-FC103, or an Adaptec AFW-4300CS.

The Dynex card uses an Agere FW323-06 Firewire chip, which is not listed as 
supported by the fwohci driver.  I can't tell what chipset the Adaptec card 
uses: it has an Adaptec paper label on it.  

Can anyone tell me if either of these cards will work with 5.4-RELEASE, or 
recommend another inexpensive PCI Firewire card?


- Bob

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