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Tony Shadwick tshadwick at
Fri Jun 10 20:25:31 GMT 2005

Except that I still have to re-install all of the packages in /usr/local, 
many which have been built from sources.  or are you suggesting that I 
copy out the /usr/local tree as well?  Will that break anything?

On Fri, 10 Jun 2005, Haulmark, Chris wrote:

> Someone broke the silence:
>> Here's my scenario:
>> I have a system that we are running in production that there was an
>> oversight on, and it has a single hard drive installed (32GB SCSI I
>> believe), rather than a 3 drive raid5 array.  We would like
>> to correct
>> this, but we have all sorts of up-to-date packages and config files
>> that we've tweaked that we would hate to just start over on it.
> There are many methods.  If it was my situtation and it's only up to 32 GB
> of space, I would do this:
> 1. Get a temporary computer with at least 32 GB available.  Set it up as a
> file server (Samba) with FreeBSD.
> 2. Mount it as a NFS server.
> 3. Use cp -rp for those directories (etc, usr, home, and all the others). Also
> write down the partitions.
> 4. Replace the single hard drive with 3 hard drives and set up RAID 5.
> 5.  Install the exact same partitions that you originally had on the previous
> setup system.
> 6.  Mount the file share on your temporary computer system with the data.
> 7.  Copy everything back except those in /boot
> 8.  Modify the fstab file if there is a difference between the original and
> the new setup.
> I might have forgot something.
> Chris Haulmark
>> There's a tool for OSX called "Carbon Copy Cloner" that would
>> take care of
>> this for me, which is basically a series of copy commands
>> that takes the
>> filesystem from one drive to another, preserving EVERYTHING
>> important, and then bless the boot volume.
>> Is there anything similar I can do on FreeBSD?  My boss
>> thinks I should be
>> able to tar up the entire filesystem, create the raid array,
>> and untar the
>> whole thing on the new array.  I seem to think this will fail
>> due to block
>> devices that have changed, fstab entries that have changed (though
>> this is correctable), and symlinks that don't nicely come across.
>> Thoughts?
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