Oracle odbc

brian.barto at brian.barto at
Fri Jun 10 19:57:19 GMT 2005

owner-freebsd-questions at wrote:
> I need to connect my freebsd 5.4 box to an oracle 9 db to query it by
> means of perl or the statistical software R.
> How could I set up this odbc connection (I already installed
> unixODBC, but what next and how to set it up)?
> Have you any doc to suggest ( I was unable to find anything
> interesting googling!)?
> Vittorio

I use perl to query my oracle database. You need DBI and DBD::Oracle i
believe. I didn't actually install them myself so not sure what extra setup
there may be. 

If you want to use perl conceder posting this question on the
beginners at mailing list. Smart guys there.

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