system cloning

Tony Shadwick tshadwick at
Fri Jun 10 19:30:04 GMT 2005

Here's my scenario:

I have a system that we are running in production that there was an 
oversight on, and it has a single hard drive installed (32GB SCSI I 
believe), rather than a 3 drive raid5 array.  We would like to correct 
this, but we have all sorts of up-to-date packages and config files that 
we've tweaked that we would hate to just start over on it.

There's a tool for OSX called "Carbon Copy Cloner" that would take care of 
this for me, which is basically a series of copy commands that takes the 
filesystem from one drive to another, preserving EVERYTHING important, and 
then bless the boot volume.

Is there anything similar I can do on FreeBSD?  My boss thinks I should be 
able to tar up the entire filesystem, create the raid array, and untar the 
whole thing on the new array.  I seem to think this will fail due to block 
devices that have changed, fstab entries that have changed (though this is 
correctable), and symlinks that don't nicely come across.


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