1280x800 display, i810, 915, etc etc etc

Craig Kleski ckleski at mbc.edu
Fri Jun 10 17:35:42 GMT 2005

On Friday 10 June 2005 07:27 am, Ben Paley wrote:
> On Thursday 09 June 2005 23:09, Remington L wrote:
> > Correction, sorry for the previously post(I'm at work). The problem
> > lies with the Intel VBIOS not reporting the correct resolution to
> > Xorg. As a workaround you need to modify the VBIOS and use an
> > updated i810 driver. Here is the Xorg i810 driver:
> > http://www.fairlite.demon.co.uk/intel.html
> >  To modify the VBIOS please install and run sysutils/915resolution.
> >  Thank'll fix it!
> I shouldn't complain because it seems actually to be running at
> 1280x800 at last (at least, kde display manager tells me so, and
> Opera reports it using screen.availHeight and screen.availWidth!),
> but there are a couple of odd things going on...
> A) I ran 915resolution before doing all the things I did to get it
> working, resetting all of the 1280x1024 modes to 1280x800. But it
> only works on the memory copy of the VBIOS, and, indeed, this morning
> when I rebooted, and still now, 915resolution -l gives three modes at
> 1280x1024 and none at 1280x800... AND YET my screen is running
> happily at 1280x800!
> B) None of my attempts to use the i810 driver came to anything. If I
> added Chipset "915G" I would get slightly different errors, but never
> a working screen (though interestingly I managed to get as far as
> hearing the KDE startup sound even when I couldn't see anything!). My
> current xorg.conf uses the generic vesa driver.
> So the two things that I was concentrating on - the VBIOS and the
> driver, turn out not to have been the real issues at all. Heaven
> knows *what* the real issues were... it all just goes to show that X
> configuration is black magic, and I could just as easily have waved a
> chicken at it for the same result, and probably quicker (though not
> as cheap, of course).
> If anyone is interested, I will be glad to send my xorg.conf, and
> logs and all the rest of it.
> Thank you all very much for your help! I may be none the wiser, but I
> am much happier!
> Cheers,
> Ben
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IIRC, i915 agp is not supported in -stable


Somewhere in this PR is a patch for i915 agp support.  Theoretically it 
should allow you to use the i810 driver and not the VESA driver.

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