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Giorgos Keramidas keramida at
Thu Jun 9 23:31:42 GMT 2005

On 2005-06-09 18:13, Denny White <dennyboy at> wrote:
> Hi Bob,
> I have no idea how that happened. I think there was a glitch or
> operator error in pine's gpg filters.  Thanks for replying again. I
> got to thinking, after reading some of the stuff in the cvs & stable
> mailing list, that there could be just a messup in the make code.  I
> pulled the entire src tree along with docs, ports, & www again. This
> time, it all makes fine. But, regardless of where I put the files as
> in
> cd /usr
> cvs -d /usr/local/ncvs co www
> and the subdir www is created & all the files for www are put there,
> when I do a make install, it still insists on putting the files in
> root's dir, & I just don't have enough room on that partition.  I
> even did a cd into /usr/www/en & did make install.  It still
> insisted on installing all the translations, not just english, & of
> course, all of it into /root.

Is there any particular reason why you are trying to build the web

More importantly, why do you have to build the web site as root?

The files are installed in ${DESTDIR}, which defaults to the
${HOME}/public_html/ directory of the user running the build.

% orion:/d/www/share/mk$ grep DESTDIR *
%   ${HOME}/public_html
% NOTE: webcheck's output always stored to ${DESTDIR}/webcheck directory.
% orion:/d/www/share/mk$ 

This is not a CVS problem ;-)

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