Spam reporting tool

Lane lane at
Thu Jun 9 23:20:28 GMT 2005

I vote for SpamCop, too!

You can configure your SMTP server to use their Blocking List and prevent 
receipt of most SPAM.

Then you can report the spam that you DO receive and help the WHOLE WORLD 
reduce its SPAM!

This on top of any other filtering mechanism you may be using or decide to use 
in the future.

Goto to see how it works.


On Thursday 09 June 2005 18:15, Alec Berryman wrote:
> Leo Lapousterle on 2005-06-10 00:29:51 +0200:
> > I'm working with SpamAssassin to separate mails from SPAMs and it
> > works pretty well. My question is about a spam reporting tool, which
> > can parse mail headers and report the SPAMs to abuse at provider. I
> > searched on the net but I didn't find useful informations.
> >
> > Does somebody know if such a tool exists, and where can I get it
> > actually ?
> You may want to investigate SpamCop.  They require you manually verify
> each email is being sent to the right parties, and although I assume
> you could script the whole thing, I'd advise against it - when I used
> the service I found that it did not always correctly identify
> responsible hosts.

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