Multi-Volume Backup

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I'm trying to do a multi-volume backup to hard drive via gnu tar.  It
works with the following command:
gtar -c -L 681574400 -f /usr/local/backup/dev1.tgz -f
/usr/local/backup/dev2.tgz -f /usr/local/backup/dev3.tgz /

But I really, really need this compressed.  If I put a -z in the command
it errors out stating:
gtar: Cannot use multi-volume compressed archives
gtar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now

Is there any way to do a compressed multi-volume backup, with each
volume being 650mb to hard drive?  Either with gtar or any other backup


You'll need to use the -M flag as well to indicate a multi-volume tarball.
>From what I can tell from the man page, a -L doesn't imply multi-volume.


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