I can't install netperf

João Gabriel Sapucahy Chiste jg at inf.ufsc.br
Thu Jun 9 20:28:21 GMT 2005

Should i enable ipv6?
i see a inet6 address when i give ifconfig. It's that enough?
Em 09/06/2005, às 17:21, Paul Schmehl escreveu:

> --On Thursday, June 09, 2005 17:12:39 -0300 João Gabriel Sapucahy 
> Chiste <jg at inf.ufsc.br> wrote:
>> I'm a programmer but i'm still not compiled this stuff....
>> I`m on a Lan with a DHCP server and i can ping but the DNS names are 
>> not
>> configured i put them in resolv.conf but don't worked.
>> When i run dhclient i get an ip address, but i get this message addres
>> family not supported by protocol family.
> Seems like you should resolve this problem first, before trying to 
> install more software.  I'm not sure I'm following you though.  If you 
> put your DNS servers' IP addresses in resolv.conf, then you shouldn't 
> be having a problem with name resolution.
> What's generating the "family not supported" error?  Ping?  Did you 
> enable IPV6 on this box?
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