ipf blocking pass rule

Danny Howard dannyman at toldme.com
Thu Jun 9 18:15:53 GMT 2005

James Bowman Sineath, III wrote:


You should send messages to the list directly.  When you start your 
question by hitting "reply" to a question about shell accounts, your 
message will be lumped under there in a lot of mail clients, and is less 
likely to be see.

> I have the following rule in my ipf.rules:
> pass in log first quick on xl0 proto tcp from any to any port = 25 
> keep state
> for some reason it will pass the first connection but block the next. 
> A log is below. Any ideas on why this is happening would be much 
> appreciated.

I'm no IPF expert, but I'd wonder if "pass in log FIRST quick" is doing 
exactly what you describe correctly ...



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