Outsourcing a modem pool for dialup? Any advice?

Philip Hallstrom freebsd at philip.pjkh.com
Thu Jun 9 17:38:29 GMT 2005

Hi all -
 	Our company has a product such that a small server is installed at 
each customer site.  This server dials up to the Internet every night and 
exchanges some content with a central server in our data center.  Total 
transaction takes about 5 minutes.

Customers can have multiple sites.  Our largets to date has three, but 
some potentials have several hundred.

In the cases where the site does not have an existing Internet connection 
we currently use dialup via a major ISP.

This works for now, but won't for the long haul for a couple of reasons:

- they all are all sharing the same username and password (yes yes, I 

- we're moving into canada and this ISP doesn't have many local numbers up 

- Dealing with local numbers and their somewhat frequent changing is a 
real headache.

What I want is a modem pool with one local number (tied into an 800 
number) where I can create as many username/password pairs as needed.  I 
want that local number to never change :-)

Now... to make it fun...

- No, I can't install a dialup server in our corporate datacenter.
- No, I can't setup a freebsd server in satellite office.

That leaves me with an outsourced solution that needs to work with 
FreeBSD's PPP.

Anyone know of anyone that does this sort of thing?  Or an ISP that has a 
service geared towards this (our current one does not).



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