trouble to connetc to random remote servers with telnet

Lane lane at
Thu Jun 9 15:51:21 GMT 2005

On Thursday 09 June 2005 10:18, mbeltran at wrote:
> Hi everyone
> I have a box, a FreeBSD 5.3-release whit qmail version 1.03 and the
> SPAMCONTROL patch 2.3.11, all have worked fine, but since a few days i cant
> connect to several random mail servers. i have a cisco gateway that hasnt
> changed any config.
> One of my qmail log message is this:
> @4000000042a734fd0287b674 starting delivery 193941: msg 8543907 to remote
> abcdefg at
> @4000000042a734fd0287b888 delivery 193941: deferral:
> Connected_to_200.30.172.163_but_connection_died._(#4.4.2)/
> I guess that I had problems with qmail. So, i try to connect manually to
> the remote box, but a i got this message:
> asgard1# telnet 25
> Trying
> Connected to
> Escape character is '^]'.
> Connection closed by foreign host.

I think your problem is that the remote SMTP daemon is shutting down the 
connection, possibly based upon the source IP.

"Connection closed by foreign host" means that the remote server shut you down 
for its own reasons.

Typically you get a "220" status message, including the SMTP daemon version 
information, immediately after the "Escape character is '^]'" message.  Since 
you aren't getting that then it is safe to assume that the remote doesn't 
want to talk with you.

Contact the remote.


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