Submitting a port - where to include the output of shar in the se nd_pr report?

Paul Schmehl pauls at
Thu Jun 9 15:27:39 GMT 2005

--On Thursday, June 09, 2005 11:11:45 -0400 brian.barto at 

> Hi all. Hope that subject made sense. I am trying to submit a new port
> with send_pr. Almost ready to go but where do I include the output of the
> shar command in the bug report? I am reading the Quick Porting section of
> the porter's handbook. It states:
> "simply include the output of shar `find port_dir` in a bug report and
> send it with the
> <> send-pr(1)
> program "
> Perhaps in the "How To Repeat" or "Fix" sections?
When you run send-pr, you will fill in several items of information.  The 
last thing it will expect you to do is attach files.  Just attach the shar 
file and send it.

And thanks for submitting a port.  Expect there to be a delay in its 
release.  The port maintainers are quite busy.

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