Question about forcing a mount.

Artur Soares arturpsoares at
Thu Jun 9 14:41:31 GMT 2005

I hope this is the right place to send this question.
I have two HDs here, the second is where my FreeBSD is
in the first I used to have Windows, but I tried to
make it dual-boot and it became unbootable
(unmountable_boot_drive is their error). I tried using
their tools to recover from this, but they managed to
write on the MBR of it and now Windows itself (its
installer) doesn't recognize any partitions on that
disk (the first) whatsoever. There used to be a NTFS
partition (the first) with 10GB of data in it, I can
still mount it on FreeBSD and have already recovered
the data from it. Yet when I try to mount the second
partition (FAT32) I get a Input/Output error. Can I
mount it using -f or will that make things worse for
me? I need most to recover the data from it. 

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