PXE and rc.conf

Chad Morland cmorland at gmail.com
Thu Jun 9 14:08:14 GMT 2005

I have created a Jumpstart server using the guide located at

I am trying to set configure settings in rc.conf using a post-install
script that is installed using a custom created package.

However, it seems that when the machine reboots after sysinstall is
run my custom rc.conf is replaced by one generated by sysinstall.

One workaround I have for this is to create a rc.conf.local which does
seem to work. However, there is still a sysinstall generated rc.conf
with different values which leads to confusion.

Is there a way to prevent sysinstall from writing over my new rc.conf
or a way to not make it generate that file at all? I would rather have
a file named rc.conf than rc.conf.local for simplicity's sake.


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