(fwd) sshd events

Eugene M. Minkovskii emin at mccme.ru
Thu Jun 9 13:11:45 GMT 2005


I need fixing in mysql database sshd events: some user try to
loggin in from ip xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx and use account xxx. But my
/var/log/auth.log has not nessesary information (for example: if
I put some users into AllowGroups, in logs I can read something
like this: "User xxx not allowed because none of user's groups
are listed in AllowGroups", and I can't see from what IP I got
this request.)

Moreover, I think parsing auth.log is not beautelul idea. Can
sshd do some actions after he allow or deny connection? Can he
run some script with some arguments?

Sensory  yours, Eugene  Minkovskii
Сенсорно ваш,   Евгений Миньковский

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