Azureus Update Problem

Tony Shadwick tshadwick at
Thu Jun 9 13:11:20 GMT 2005

Just be sure that you've cvsup'ed your ports tree in its entirety and done 
a "make clean" before attempting to build from ports.  If it fails then, 
post to the list and we'll see what is up.

On Wed, 8 Jun 2005, Eric Ekong wrote:

> It looks like we will have the maintainer to update the port. I tried to
> sub the new release in place of the current one and tweaked Makefile, but
> it fails to compile somewhere along the lines with an java error.  If you
> look at the /usr/ports/net/azureus/Makefile you can find the maintainers
> email address and try and email him/her, but if my memory serves me
> correct this person is usually busy with tons of projects/ports in the
> freebsd world.
> Eric
> * Warren <shinjii at> [050607 23:40]:
>> On Wed, 8 Jun 2005 1:24 pm, you wrote:
>>> What I suspect is happening is that you're running as a user with
>>> decreased priveleges, but you have a global install of azureus (installed
>>> in /usr/local/bin).
>>> Azureus is probably presuming you have the rights needed to do the update,
>>> and never bothers to check or ask otherwise. :\
>> I am running the latest version via the ports but also running it as a single
>> user .. i'll try running it as root and seeing what happens form there.
>> Ran it as root and it made no diference at all, still refuses to update, atm
>> it dosent affect any torrents, so *g*

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