redundant ethernet adapters - fault tolerance?

Martin Pála Martin.Pala at
Thu Jun 9 08:17:29 GMT 2005


i have a question regarding to redundant ethernet interfaces support in FreeBSD (we need adapter fault tolerance).

Our system has two ethernet interfaces, each is connected to different switch for high availability reasons. Currently we use netgraph FEC module for this task, however it seems that it is not suitable for HA configuration of this type - we experience small network problems when running via FEC and two independent switches. When we reconfigured the network to use just one physical interface, the problems were solved. We then tried the second physical interface to make sure that there is no hardware related problem ... it worked like a charm as well. We use FreeBSD 4.11-STABLE.

Is ethernet adapter HA supported in FreeBSD?

For example on linux it is possible to select active-pasive mode of ethernet bonding module (linux alternative). This works perfectly (only one interface is active at a time, the other is backup).


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