5.4 Sendmail only listening on localhost?

Chris Moran chrismor at microsoft.com
Thu Jun 9 01:42:56 GMT 2005

OK, now who looks silly?  That was it.  Thanks!

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On 2005-06-08 18:34, Chris Moran <chrismor at microsoft.com> wrote:
> OK, I have to be doing something silly here...
> I have installed a clean system with 5.4-RELEASE (on a 1.2GHz Athlon,
> 512MB RAM, lots of disk, etc).
> Machine has to NICs, one for the "public" and one for the "private"
> networks here.  However, Sendmail is only listening on port 25 on
> localhost.
> I don't confess to being knowledgeable about sendmail configuration,
> and I figure it's in the mc file someplace, but where do I tell
> sendmail to listen on one (or more) of the NICs?
> So far clean installs on 3 machines show the same thing, so I guess
> this is the default, secure config?

The rc.sendmail(8) explains what each of the sendmail*_enable options
can be used for.

You obviously have sendmail_enable="NO" in your rc.conf or haven't set
it at all (using the default, which is also "NO").

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