Setting Up Email Only / Very Restricted Accounts

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Wed Jun 8 23:40:39 GMT 2005

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>What is the recommended method to setup E-Mail only accounts? I am
>running a server that will host several websites and also provide e-mail
>services for many site users. What I want to do is configure each user to
>only have email access and *no* shell access / ftp access of any kind.

 Why not consider something that gives you virtual email accounts with
info stored in MySQL?

 I used to use Exim + Vmail + Mailscanner + tpop3d although there are just
as nice configurations available with courier or postfix I believe.

 This way, you and your clients can manage the pop accounts for each
domain via a web interface, and the email accounts themselves exist on the
hard drive but no login accounts are created at all.

 There should be plenty of info at:


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