Editing the boot menu

Alejandro Pulver alejandro at varnet.biz
Wed Jun 8 20:37:00 GMT 2005

On Wed, 08 Jun 2005 14:17:37 -0500
Paul Schmehl <pauls at utdallas.edu> wrote:

> When you use FreeBSD's boot manager, you get a menu like this at
> bootup:
> F1 DOS
> F2 FreeBSD
> F3 Linux
> F4 ??
> F5 Drive 1
> Default: F2
> Is there a way to edit the list?  Or is that fixed when boot manager
> is  installed and not configurable?
> By edit, I mean, for example, change F4 ?? to F4 MyOS.


You can try using GAG, a Graphical Boot Loader which does not need a
slice or partition for installing (it uses a special part of the disk,
reserved for things like that), it can be configured while booting,
self uninstalled (restoring the previous bootloader) and supports a lot
of operating systems. Of course, it is free and open-source.


It is the *best* bootloader (for booting more than one operating
systems) I have found (I have tried BootMagic, Lilo and Grub).

Best Regards,

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