graphviz with fontconfig

Kent.N kentn at
Wed Jun 8 14:57:55 GMT 2005


I want to use graphviz with fontconfig support,
and I tried the graphics/graphviz port.
However, through the portinstall, fontconfig is not
enabled because of lack of fontconfig-conf.
So I added following lines into the Makefile of the port,
then I could get fontconfig support:

CONFIGURE_ARGS+=--with-fontconfigincludedir=${X11BASE}/include \

The questions are:
(1) Why graphviz's fontconfig support disabled by default?
    Is there any problem with that on FreeBSD?
(2) Editing Makefile directly doesn't seems smarter way.
    How should I do when I want to add some configure options
    using portinstall?
(3) If the above lines are suitable, I want to add them
    original Makefile of the port.
    How should I request/propose this change?
    Is it OK to contact port maintainer directly?


Kent.N <kentn at>

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