Need Help

Igor V. Ruzanov igorr at
Wed Jun 8 12:30:04 GMT 2005

I work under FreeBSD 5.3-RELEASE. Everything goes OK, i can attach any
external devices via PCMCIA- and USB-interfaces. But there is one problem
with plugging of Apple iPod Photo via USB-interface into my notebook (no
FireWare-interface is installed, so i can't connect iPod via FireWare
using sbp-driver): When i'm connecting the device to USB-port during the kernel
is loaded, my system doesn't create /dev/da0 for the attached umass0-storage.
But if i booting the system with iPod is allready connected to USB-port,
my FreeBSD successfully creating /dev/da0 for attached umass0-storage and
recognize that as direct access SCSI-device. Are there any possibilies of
solving of this problem? What kernel source-files can i patch to work my
FreeBSD with iPod properly?

When i try `camcontrol rescan all' in the case of hot plugging, the
process is just going to hang up. And when i'm dettaching iPod-device at
all, my system is crashing because of page fault.

Thank you!

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