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Denny White wrote:
| I know before asking this has been
| covered profusely, and I have read
| a lot in the handbook, man pages,
| fbsd web site & mailing list archives.
| But, there are some things I just do
| not understand. My main question is,
| is it okay to change
| /home/ncvs
| to
| /usr/ncvs
| I ask because of the repository size
| compared to what I have on this box
| on /home & /usr.
| Filesystem       Size    Used   Avail Capacity  Mounted on
| /dev/amrd0s1e    1.9G    277M    1.5G    15%    /home
| Filesystem       Size    Used   Avail Capacity  Mounted on
| /dev/amrd0s1g     11G    2.3G    7.7G    23%    /usr
| So you can see why I want to use /usr/ncvs
| instead of /home/ncvs. I guess I'm a lousy
| googler, but I just couldn't seem to phrase
| my question to find the answer I wanted.

You can change it to what ever you want.
I have /usr/local/cvs/ and then various repositories
for different projects.

| My 2nd question is, when you cvsup an individual
| release, it says not to include ports-all and
| doc-all, as you will wipe out what you already
| have. But, when you don't specify an individual
| release, just *default release=cvs and src-all,
| if you specify ports-all & doc-all, you won't
| wipe out what you already have. Am I understanding
| it correctly?
| Thanks in advance for your patience & any help
| & explanations I receive.

You want to cvsup ports-all with tag=. since
the ports dont change with each relase, just the src.

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