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Daniel Gerzo danger at rulez.sk
Tue Jun 7 21:10:36 GMT 2005

Hi Gray,

Tuesday, June 7, 2005, 11:04:11 PM, you typed:

> Hi all,

> Have a query re the above

> /dev/ad2s1      75G     68G    1.5G    98%    /data-one
> /dev/ad3s1      74G     66G    2.3G    97%    /data-two

> As you can see, I have two data drives in this system, but I do
> not understand and not really noticed before the sizes.

> 'Used' states 66GB, with 2.3GB remaining on /data-two, this does
> not match 'total' which says 74GB.

> Is anyone able to explain this for me? It's probably something
> sensible, but thought this list would be best to ask!!

> Thanks all,

> Regards,

> Gray Lilley
> A Curious User

> P.S - Please reply to me direct, as im not currently subscribed to this list!

You should better check mlists for your questions first befor posting
new questions to the list, since there is a _big_ possibility, that
someone asked same thing before you. Actually, this question is asked
2-3 times a month (if not more) ;-)


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