Problem w/ simple Hello World compiled w/ g++

Dmitry Mityugov dmitry.mityugov at
Tue Jun 7 20:03:07 GMT 2005

On 6/7/05, Keyser <keyser456 at> wrote:
> >Mine was /usr/home/dd/development/tests/helloworldc++. I wasn't sure
> >if the directory mattered either, just wanted to check there was
> >nothing unusual there.
> >Athlon XP 2200.
> >Did you update your installation, for example to 5.4-RELEASE-p1, or
> >you're running what you installed from CDs? Where did you obtain the
> >CDs?
> >--
> >Dmitry
> So you're running 5.4 on an Athlon as well and yours works?  Just my luck.
> I installed from 5.4 ISO's I downloaded and burned from... umm... I think a
> mirror.  I have not "updated my installation" I don't think.
> How do I go about doing that?  Thanks again.

This is documented in the Handbook,
I am not sure if this will help though.

Are you running your program from a terminal window in a window
manager, or from a text-mode console, or may be you're accessing the
machine remotely? What shell are you using, sh, csh, bash, ... ? Just
trying to guess what the difference is.

You're probably need to copy freebsd-questions at when
replying, to maximize help you can get here.


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