Can't login with /var was not properly dismounted

Amer Alhabsi ahalhabsi at
Tue Jun 7 17:35:50 GMT 2005


My FreeBSD 5.4 machine stopped responding and I pressed the reset button
(even SSH from a different machine didn't work). After restart, I got /usr
and /var were not properly dismounted message and it hangs. I logged on in
single mode and done
fsck -y /usr         as suggested in a google search. /usr was cleaned. But
when I try to do the same on /var the machine hangs. At first I thought it
was taking a long time, but there is no disk activity. Please help me so
that I can log back to the machine.



PS. I run amd64 FreeBSD 5.4 release generic kernel. /var is about 1GB and
/usr is 30GB.

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