Stray IRQ 7 on 5.4-STABLE

Anthony M. Agelastos iqgrande at
Tue Jun 7 11:18:35 GMT 2005

On Jun 7, 2005, at 6:33 AM, Andreas Davour wrote:

> On Mon, 6 Jun 2005, Anthony M. Agelastos wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> I am encountering the following message on my root window:
>> Jun 6 14:18:53 ast kernel: stray irq7
>> Jun 6 14:43:42 ast kernel: stray irq7
>> Jun 6 18:18:47 ast kernel: stray irq7
>> Jun 6 19:29:47 ast kernel: stray irq7
>> I have noticed these stray irq messages periodically, but cannot  
>> isolate what is causing them (the only mention of irq7 in dmesg  
>> relates to my printer (parallel printer port)). In the past, they  
>> popped up quickly prompting the message that there were too many  
>> stray irq7 and that it wouldn't log them anymore (I forget the  
>> exact wording). This appears to be a new problem (it hasn't  
>> happened that I know of since one of the last 2 times I have re- 
>> built world (I tend to update thrice every two months)). In case  
>> it is needed, I am running CUPS and have the appropriate (or so  
>> I've been told) options in my make.conf file (see it below). Does  
>> anyone have any ideas? I did some searching and came up with nada.  
>> Below I show my uname as well as dmesg and make.conf. Any help  
>> would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
> I don't know much about this, but I have recently added a printer  
> on my own machine, with the parallell port. I've had some problems  
> getting my printer to work, and have gotten many odd messages on  
> the console about IRQ problems. Using polled or interrupted mode  
> for the port seemed to make a major difference for me.
This is something that I encountered some time back. 

That fix made a big difference to me. I am going to try a suggestion  
on there (after having re-read it ) and rather than use 0x28, I am  
going to give 0x20 a try (this seems highly related to your  
suggestion). If this does not work, I am going to read up on  
lptcontrol per your suggestion and see if there is anything that I am  
missing. Thanks for the info. If the 0x20 does work, I will re-post  
to this list, but since the messages I was receiving took hours for  
each one to appear, I will have to let it sit there for a while.
> So, do you get any new messages, or less, from using polled/ 
> interrupted mode? Check the man page for lptcontrol for details on  
> changing the mode.
At first, I received no messages after doing the fix mentioned above.  
Perhaps as 5-STABLE matures, things are changing prompting a few more  
of these messages to come out.
> It's just a thought, but might provide more hints on what's wrong.  
> Maybe.
> Note that it doesn't matter if you write it in a device.hints file  
> or compile a kernel with polled settings, since the acpi setting  
> will hijack it anyhow! You'll have to use lptcontrol.
> /Andreas
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